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Free Metal Finishing Guidebook

metal finishing questionselectroplating yorkshireanodising, chemical blacking yorkshire

Metal finishing is the process of changing the surface of an object, for the purpose of improving its appearance and/or durability. It is a broad term that encompasses a wide range of different categories, techniques and processes.

The Metal Finishing field can be quite overwhelming for

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What Is Pickling For?

picklingpickling metalwhat is pickling for?

Many of us may be familiar with the term ‘pickling’ as a way of preserving food. So how can metals be Pickled and what is the purpose and advantages of this process?

What Is Pickling?

Pickling is a cleaning process that removes impurities from ferrous metals. Ferrous Metals include

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Repairing Chromed Items

Re-chroming an itemChrome plating services yorkshirerestore using chrome plating

One of the most common enquiries we receive at Silchrome is that of repairing worn/damaged chromed items which can include anything from car bumpers through to bathroom fittings. Here is an overview on what issues re-plating can solve and potential costs.

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You asked: Can you Anodise Stainless Steel?

Black stainless steelblue stainless steel can you anodise stainless steel


We sometimes get enquiries asking if it’s possible to anodise Carbon and Mild Steels. Most often this is being done for decorative rather protective reasons, with customers looking for a uniform and flake free coating. The short answer is that no, Silchrome cannot offer anodising on steels

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Zinc Passivation Colours

zinc gold yellow passivationzinc olive drab passivatezinc trivalent

Zinc Plating is always accompanied by a Passivation process which will often have a colour associated with it. The difference between these colours and what exactly they are specifying can be a little confusing so here is a quick guide to some often misunderstood terms.

Blue Passivate -

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Chemical Blacking vs Xylan Black

chemical blacking yorkshirexylan coating or black oxide?xylan coatings yorkshire


When it comes to producing an aesthetically pleasing matte black finish, the range of options can be quite confusing. Two of the most popular of these processes are Chemical Blacking and Xylan coating, but which process sis better for which situation?


What is Chemical Blacking?

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Tin Whiskers

tin whiskers formationtin whiskers and gow to avoid themtin whiskers

Tin Whiskers are electrically conductive, hair like structures that can grow on surfaces that have been electroplated with pure Tin. This causes failures within electronic components and represents a challenge for manufacturers looking to eliminate lead from production whilst keeping failure

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Zinc Plating wIth JS500

js500 coating zinc yorkshirezinc plating trivalent passivate and js500 macdermidmnacdermid JS500 coatin silchrome

Silchrome Plating are proud to be one of Macdermid’s licensed vendors to carry out Zinc Plating with JS500, here are more details on the advantages of this process.

What is JS500?

JS500 is a water based sealant that can be used as a finishing process in conjunction with Zinc

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A Quick Guide To Everything We Offer

xylan coatings silchrome platingcooper plating yorkshireanodising silchrome

Silchrome Plating offer a wide array of metal finishing processes, many containing their own subcategories and finishing options. Here is an overview:


The electro-plating process involves taking your component and placing it into a vat/tank containing an electrolytic

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Tin Plating To Replace Lead

bright acid tin platingtin plating yorkshiretin plating advantages and disadvantages

Tin Plating To Replace Lead

The Manufacturing industry at large have been looking at the best ways to produce components that are not only fit for purpose but will have as little environmental impact on the earth as possible. RoHS or the Reduction of Hazardous Substances is a directive that

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3 Types of Blacking

chemical blacking ukblack oxide coatingblackening copper

Chemical Blacking is a popular options for customers looking for a matte black finish that will enhance corrosion resistance without causing dimensional changes. Silchrome Plating offer 3 varieties of chemical blacking for different materials.

Also Known As…

Chemical Blacking is a process

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FAQs about Plating Thickness

how big is a micronx-ray machinesilchrome plating thickness

Here are some commonly asked questions about plating thickness.


Plating thickness is measured in Micrometres which are commonly referred to as Microns. The symbol for Microns is μm, but it is not unusual for this to be written as um. A micron is one thousandth of a millimetre or

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Which Finish? 4 Crucial Factors.

metal finishing advice yorkshireelectroplating,anodising,phosphating,blacking,paintingwhich metal finishing option

Extending a component’s life span is crucial in any industry, but selecting a metal finishing process is often like opening a can of worms. Not only are there a wide variety of processes to choose from but many have their own sub-categories (3 types of Electroless Nickel for example) not to

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3 Types of Phosphating

silchrome iron phosphate coatingzinc phosphating yorkshiremanganese phosphating


Phosphating is a conversion coating applied to Steel and Iron components. In its basic form, the process involves immersing a component in a dilute solution, which converts the surface of the metal into a layer of microscopic Phosphate Crystals. The crystalline nature of this coating

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You Asked: What Is a Salt Spray Test?

salt spray testing red rustsalt spray test white rustsalt spray test hours

A Salt Spray Test accelerates the normal rate of corrosion a component would undergo in order to evaluate the suitability of a protective coating. The appearance of corrosion (such as rust, blisters, peeling) is evaluated after set amounts of time to judge comparatively the effectiveness of any

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You asked: What are Sacrificial Coatings?

what are sacrificial coatings zinczinc plating yorkshiresacrificial coatings, how do they work?

Metal finishing processes such as Zinc Plating are described as being ‘sacrificial’ in nature, but what does this term actually refer to?


When metals such as Steel are exposed to the elements they will often undergo a process called Oxidation which is corrosive in nature. Iron

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Benefits of Zinc Plating

zinc plating trivalent passivatezinc plating gold passivatezinc electroplating yorkshire

Zinc Plating with Passivate is one of the most popular metal finishing processes for a wide range of components including screws, fasteners as well pressings and automotive components. It is popular for a number of reasons:


Low Cost: Zinc as a material is abundant in nature within the

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Paint & Powder: What We Need To Know

powder coating yorkshireindustrial painting components paint and powder coating

Silchrome offer a very wide array of metal finishing processes and this includes Paint and Powder Coatings. Our Paint shop has been especially busy of late and so we thought we’d help our customers by giving a quick overview on the information we need to process your enquiry as quickly

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How Metal Finishing Reduces Manufacturing Costs

iridite ncp yorkshirephosphatingpainting industrial

The engineering world is fast paced and competitive with every company looking at ways they can reduce costs whilst still providing high quality goods. One such option is Metal Finishing which encapsulates Plating, Coating, Painting and generally covering a component in another substance.

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Graduate Chemist Vacancy

graduate vacancy position silchrome platinggraduate vacancy position silchrome platinggraduate vacancy position silchrome plating

Silchrome Plating are pleased to announce the further expansion of our team with a Graduate Vacancy for a Chemist.


Company Overview:


Silchrome Plating are a thriving metal finishing business in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Established for over 60 years with a strong reputation in the

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