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Metal Finishing Services

Silver Plating

Silver Plating is used for a number of reasons. Depending on the application and the material being plated it is often used in conjunction with other processes to optimize performance even further.

Copper Plating - Flash & heavy Build

Copper is one of a few coloured metals. It is relatively soft and can be readily polished to give a pleasing decorative bright finish. However because it is attacked by air and the sulphur and acid compounds in the atmosphere, a lacquer should be applied to maintain its finish.

Chrome Plating - Bright, Matt, Satin & Brushed

These Chrome finishes are essentially decorative finishes. These range from Bright Chrome that can be polished to a mirror finish to Matt Chrome that produces gives a very consistent matt grey finish. 

Hard Chrome Plating

Hard Chrome Plating is used for a number of reasons including Hardness & Resistance to Wear, Resistance to Corrosion & Heat, Low Coefficient of Friction, Appearance & Decorative Properties

Nickel Plating - Bright, Matt, Satin & Brushed

Nickel plating offers excellent corrosion resistance and is hard wearing. Bright Nickel provides an attractive finish for decorative applications combined with the improved performance in terms of both corrosion and wear resistance. Matt Nickel is used in applications that require good durability but not the mirror type finish.

Zinc Plating - Clear, Black, Yellow, Blue & Olive Drab Passivation

Zinc Plating is used for a number of reasons Corrosion Resistance, Appearance & Decorative Properties, Good Performance at Low Cost

Tin Plating - Dull & Bright

Electroplated tin is either matt grey-white or bright silver in appearance depending on which process solution is used. Because tin is a relatively soft metal and resistant to organic acids and sulphur compounds, it is also an ideal material for decorative products as it can be buffed and polished to a high luster.

Gold Plating

Because of its high corrosion resistance and its disinclination to form an oxide layer, Gold is widely used in the decorative and more extensively in the electronics industry.

Sulfamate Nickel Plating

Sulfamate Nickel coatings provide excellent corrosion resisitance and can also be used in high temperature applications. It is the most machinable of all nickel coatings and so can also be used to rebuild worn and damaged parts so they can be remachined back to their original size.

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