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Metal Finishing Services

A Quick Guide To Everything We Offer

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Silchrome Plating offer a wide array of metal finishing processes, many containing their own subcategories and finishing options. Here is an overview:


The electro-plating process involves taking your component and placing it into a vat/tank containing an electrolytic solution. An electrical current is then run into this bath which promotes the build-up of the plating material onto the component. We offer:

Chrome – Decorative Chrome Plating in Bright, Matte, Brushed and Satin finishes. Hard Chrome Plating for applications with higher wear

Silver   – For all batch sizes and with a dedicated gasket line

Copper – Cyanide, Acid and Pyrophosphate Copper Plating with Lacquer if used as a final process.

Zinc – With Clear, Yellow, Black, Oliver Drab and Trivalent Passivation

Nickel – Bright and Dull (matte) finishes as well as Sulfamate Nickel Plating

Tin – Bright and Dull (matte) finishes

Gold – A small tank for immersion plating which will only add 1-2um of material

Electroless Nickel

During the Eletroless process, Nickel Ions are reduced using Sodium Hypophosphite, meaning the Nickel itself acts as the catalyst for the plating reaction. Silchrome provide Electroless Nickel with Medium Phosphorus and High Phosphorus

Conversion Coatings

Conversion coatings differ from electroplating in that where electroplating adds a layer of material to the surface, these coatings convert the surface of the material forming both above and below the surface.

Chemical Blacking – For Carbon and Stainless Steels as well as for Copper Alloys.

Anodising – available in a range of colours with Hard Anodising and Chromic Acid Anodising.

Phosphating – Manganese, Zinc and Iron Phosphating

Iridite NCP – Chrome Free passivation for aluminium

Alocrom – We provide Alocrom 1000 and 1200.

Passivation – Pickle & Passivate or as a stand alone process

Specialist Coatings

Specialist Coatings are normally developed with a specific application in mind and are sold under brand names.

Xylan – 1010, 1052, 1400 in a variety of colours most popular being Blue, Black, Red and Greem

Molybdenum based coatings – Everslik 1201, Everslik 1301, Molykote D-7409, Moly-Mist

Paint & Powder Coatings

In a wide range of colours and textures, we can buy in paint where we don’t stock it currently.

We understand that this wide range of options can be overwhelming, and can help point you in the right direction with any metal finishing queries. Silchrome are fully ISO 9001 and 14001 certified and carry out all of our processes in house in our modern production facility in Leeds.

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